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1st Advantage Credit Union Discovers Cost-Effective Convenience with ATM USA

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Back in 2019 the 1st Advantage Credit Union was facing a dilemma many financial institutions face - the need to upgrade their ATM fleet.

The credit union, which serves residents of Virginia, had a full-service ATM in all of their 15 branches along with eight off-premise cash dispensers, all in need of replacement.

“We knew we wanted to continue owning and managing our on-site machines,” said Michelle Nealey, CFO for 1st Advantage CU. “But our off-site ATMs are primarily at SEG (Select Employee Group) locations and keeping them on the books just wasn’t feasible.”

The driving force in our decision to choose a third party was definitely cost. It was far more cost-effective in terms of dollars and time to have ATM USA handle our off-premise ATMs than do it ourselves. And the savings have been substantial.

-Michelle Nealey, CFO

1st Advantage Credit Union

Read the case study to find out why the credit union partnered with ATM USA and what they have to say about their experience.


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Darren Smith, Vice President, ATM Management

Craig Helmers, Vice President, ATM Management


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