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WinSouth Credit Union Enjoys the Perks of Truly Complete ATM Outsourcing

Case Study

WinSouth Credit Union was facing some real difficulties with their ATMs. The accounting department, who held responsibility for backend operations, was having problems with the additional workload of running their seven branch machines.

There were also ongoing issues with the ATM network, creating regular outages. In some cases, machines would be inoperable for weeks at a time. In addition to the operational problems, there were ongoing concerns about the liability of credit union staff having to take large quantities of cash outside the walls of the branches to load the ATMs.

It was time for a new ATM solution. One that would better serve their members, free up credit union staff, and eliminate the risks and losses of dealing with cash management for their machines.

A Custom Partnership for ATM Success

To solve their issue, the bank turned to a trusted partner – ATM USA.

The ATMs uptime is consistently good and our staff are freed up to focus on what we need to focus on like making our assets work for us and taking care of our members.

- Nathan Clough

ATM USA worked with WinSouth to build out a customized program that met all of their ATM needs. The final solution included seven brand new machines, complete management of all the machines, 1st and 2nd line maintenance, daily operations, and even an invoicing solution that netted ATM income against the outsourcing invoice.

Download the Case Study below to find out more about the partnership between WinSouth Credit Union and ATM USA.

WinSouth Credit Union Case Study
Download PDF • 1.39MB

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