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How Retailers Can Boost ATM Security?

Updated: May 18

Operating a retail ATM is becoming riskier as today’s economic stress fuels a rise in cash-based crimes. Even more alarming, online forums are supplying the equipment and training needed for criminals to target ATMs successfully. How can retailers combat this growing threat and protect their ATMs, cash, and customers?


Partnering with an advanced ATM operator like ATM USA can provide retailers with a powerful suite of hardware and software security solutions to maintain a lockdown on their ATMs.


Here are a few tips for retailers that their own machines:

Improved Locking Systems for Maximum Access Control. One of the most critical physical security measures is implementing enhanced lock systems that maintain tight control over who can access the inside of the ATM and the cash vaults. Top-tier ATM providers utilize high-security locking solutions like OEM fascia panel locks and high-security vault locks to restrict entry to authorized personnel only.


Comprehensive Compliance for the Latest Security Standards. Ensuring compliance with all relevant industry security requirements is key to preventing breaches and data theft. This includes utilizing the latest EMV chip card readers, following CDU binding protocols, and adhering to the most up to date EPP/keypad standards with triple DES encryption for PIN processing.


Advanced Hardware Security to Deter Criminals. In addition to access control, retailers can fortify machines with an array of other hardware defenses like cameras, reinforced armored cabinets, anti-skim card readers to block skimming devices, and hi-decibel alarm systems to scare off would-be thieves.


Robust Software Security for 360° Protection. While physical deterrents are crucial, securing ATM software and networking is equally vital in today's world of cyber threats. Responsible merchant ATM-owners should frequently keep the machine and modem’s operating systems and firmware updated and implement remote ATM monitoring for signs of compromise.

Other key software security measures include:

  • Secure socket layer (SSL/TLS) encryption for data transmissions.

  • Denomination setting lockdowns to prevent unauthorized changes.

  • Firewalls to filter malicious traffic. 

  • Anti-malware/anti-jackpotting countermeasures.

  • Dynamic password rotation for tight access control.


By leveraging both hardware and software solutions, retailers can create a multi-layered security approach to protect their ATM(s), transactions, and customers from all angles.

The Importance of Top-Tier Retail ATM Security

With cash-based crimes on the rise and knowledge spreading on how to breach ATMs, retailers can't afford to cut corners on security. By working with a premium ATM operator committed to implementing the latest and greatest security solutions, retailers can fortify their ATMs against physical attack, data compromise, and cash theft.


ATM USA offers the industry's most robust ATM security through sophisticated locks, armoring, encryption, and access control systems — giving retailers true peace of mind their assets and customers are protected.

If you have any concerns about the ATM security, contact the ATM USA technical support team. We’re here to help!


ATM USA Technical Support


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