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PCI Compliance: What Merchants that Own ATMs Need to Know

Updated: May 18

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance has the ATM industry in a tizzy trying to figure out what’s real, what’s projection, and what it really means to an ATM operator’s bottom line. But the reality is PCI compliance is essential to the ongoing security of merchant ATMs. And it’s much more than protecting ATM users, it’s also important to the merchant’s bottom line.

While the January 2025 keypad and encryption software deadline largely applies to ATM manufacturers and processors, taking proactive steps now to meet compliance can significantly reduce your risk exposure. Here are the essentials merchant ATM owners and operators need to know.

Compliance Deadlines Apply to You

ATM industry experts have gone on records about who the upcoming compliance deadline truly points to – the ATM manufacturers and processors. According to a panel session at the recent National ATM Council conference in Las Vegas, NV, the 2025 standards require:

  • ATM manufacturers to have upgrade paths outlined and new, compliant equipment and software available.

  • Processors must be able to accept and encrypt using the latest secure key block standards.

While merchants may think this buys them time, failing to upgrade non-compliant machines can leave merchant ATM owners and operators highly vulnerable.

Exposure from Older, Non-Compliant ATMs

Criminals actively target older ATMs that have potential vulnerabilities. This concept has been consistently proven as bad actors go after machines that have failed to block off access points, lockdown software entry points, update operating systems, or upgrade to EMV. These machines are the ones most likely to lack:

  • Encrypted PINs and data

  • Anti-skimming and tampering protections

  • Updated software security

But it’s more than attracting ATM crime. Come 2025, non-compliant ATMs will face:

  • Supply delays if seeking last-minute upgrades or even newer ATMs, as demand spikes.

  • Greater liability if breached, as older ATMs lack security.

Though risks today appear minimal, merchants even one ATM upgrade behind compound their vulnerabilities. Machines that are several updates behind are just increasing their risk. More importantly, ATMs that are not fully compliant face a real possibility of taking on the liability should their machine become the target of an attack.

ATM USA Can Help Mitigate Your Risk

Rather than shoulder the weight of liability or the ATM upgrade costs now and down the road, merchants should consider partnering with ATM USA, a reliable ATM provider with more than 25 years’ experience. ATM USA can take on the ownership and capital costs of maintaining upgrades and compliance of merchant machines. This includes passing off the liability associated with potentially out-of-date equipment or software.

By taking a proactive approach to ATM compliance now, merchants can focus on their business operations and making money – rather than potential risks and losses. Partnering with ATM USA is an effective way to cost-effectively provide customers with secure, compliant ATMs while reducing your long-term risk exposure.

Don’t wait until the last minute – make the smart choice for your business before January 2025, and contact ATM USA today to see how your business can continue safe and secure ATM operations while still turning a profit.

Not Sure if Your ATM Needs to be Upgraded or Replaced?


Brandon Tant, Account Manager


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