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No matter the type of business you operate or how much time you have to invest in ATM management, ATM USA has an ATM Placement solution to meet your retail needs.

Our range of programs is designed to provide customized retail ATM options that provide the best opportunities for your retail store to attract customers and earn extra income.

Our retail ATM solutions include:

  • Complete Turnkey ATM Placement - Ideal for the busy retailer, ATM USA takes care of all things ATM while you take care of your business...and earn extra income with every cash withdrawal.

  • Managed ATM Placement - Perfect for merchants that want to own the machine and communications but not the headache of day-to-day ATM operations. ATM USA handles the cash, parts, and maintenance while you sit back and enjoy the benefits of an on-site ATM.

  • Merchant Loaded Program - Retailers that want to be hands-on without loading the machine might be interested in our merchant loaded option. ATM USA provides the ATM, parts, and second-line maintenance to keep your out-of-pocket costs low while giving you more control of the day-to-day.

  • Customer Operated Program - Merchants looking to optimize profits can own and operate their own machine while ATM USA covers the backend systems like equipment sales, processing, 24-hour help desk, and an online transaction reporting portal.

ATM USA also offers a retail ATM program for all varieties of retail ATM partnership needs. Discover how you can leverage ATMs to boost foot traffic to your business and provide a steady income stream. Contact ATM USA today.

Want more? Contact us to discover how your business can leverage ATMs even better than ever.

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