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Promote Financial Literacy with On-Site ATMs

Updated: Jan 20

by Darren Smith | Originally published by CUInsight

As winter sets in, many Americans are feeling anxious about their finances. Over 77% of US consumers are worried about money and the state of the economy. While this is a bad situation, it allows banks credit unions to step up and empower account holders and local consumers by improving financial education. Surprisingly, partnering with an ATM outsourcing company to install convenient on-site branded ATMs at local employer locations can be the first step toward better financial literacy.

Offer Account Access at Branded ATM Locations

The convenience and familiarity of an on-site ATM at their place of employment can make current and potential account holders feel more confident and in control of their finances. While they can check account balances and make deposits, quick cash in hand also allows consumers to better budget spending and stick to financial plans.

Promote Financial Literacy Programs via ATM Screens and Receipts 

In addition to offering convenient account access, having ATMs at employer locations present the perfect way for banks and credit unions to promote financial literacy initiatives directly to staff members. Receipts, welcome screens, and signage can all educate users on available programs, resources, and meetings focused on money management skills.


For example, receipts could list upcoming webinars focused on budgeting tactics or saving for retirement. Welcome screens might highlight the next installment of an in-person financial literacy course. Eye-catching signage could direct people to online portals with saving calculators, investing guides, household budget templates, and more helpful tools.

Build Community Partnerships for Joint Financial Literacy Efforts 

Having an ATM within the walls of a local employer site also presents the opportunity to build relationships with local businesses. Banks and credit unions can leverage these touchpoints to forge community partnerships centered on improving financial literacy. 

For instance, financial institutions might work with business account holders to present lunch-and-learn seminars explaining concepts like emergency funds, decoding pay stubs, and utilizing workplace retirement plans to the fullest. Or offer webinars for business partners on teaching financial literacy in the workplace so companies can better guide their staff. 

The Bottom Line

During turbulent economic periods, institutions can truly support the community by prioritizing financial education. Having conveniently located, branded ATMs at workplaces provide easily visible platforms that make spreading the word seamless so more people can take advantage of programs to gain financial confidence and expand their money skills, while also positioning your bank or credit union as a financial authority invested in the whole community.


Find Out How Easy it is to Deploy Fully Branded ATMs at Local Employee Sites.

Darren Smith, Vice President, ATM Management  • 919-534-3232 • Schedule a Meeting 

Craig Helmers, Vice President, ATM Management


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