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More Accurate Cash Management

Relying on manual cash counting is introducing opportunity for human errors. But your financial institution doesn't have to manually count and record withdrawals and deposits.

ATM USA offers efficient and accurate currency counters to make counting and verifying large amounts of cash quick and simple - saving valuable time for today's overworked branch staff.

  • Compact, continuous feed to accurately count and sort bills.

  • 4.3" color touch screen display.

  • Hold up to 500 notes in the hopper, 250 in the stacker, and 100 in the reject bin.

  • Accurately identify counterfeit bills and capture bill serial numbers.

  • Multi-currency configurations, easy firmware updates, and LAN connectivity.


Discover how you can leverage advanced currency counters in your financial institution today!

Want more? Contact us to discover how your business can leverage ATMs even better than ever.

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