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Earn Extra Money with ATM USA’s ATM Referral Program

With Visa and MasterCard’s recent announcement that they are raising card processing fees, more merchants are encouraging consumers to pay in cash and/or moving to cash discounting (dual pricing) credit card programs. But if the retailer doesn’t have an ATM on-site, consumers who want to take advantage of the discount may be out of luck.

Plus, with rising prices on everyday items causing havoc on budgets, who couldn’t use a little extra cash right now?

That’s just two reasons why ATM USA has introduced an ATM referral program.

An Easy Way to Make Extra Money

With our program it’s easy to earn extra cash. When you run across a business that needs an ATM, is unhappy with their current provider or owns an ATM that will not be upgradable to meet PCI compliance, simply introduce us via email (

We’ll take it from there.

And when the ATM goes live, you’ll earn a one-time referral fee OR recurring revenue on withdrawals for one year (your choice).

It’s simple, easy, and hassle-free to start earning with our unique program. Just make a phone call, send a text or an email to your family members, friends or contacts and you’ll start earning much needed extra cash quickly.

And best of all you can rest assured knowing you’re referring them to a trusted partner, with close to a quarter century of experience, that will provide exceptional ATM uptime, great nationwide service and 24/7 support.

Ready To Get Started?

Brandon Tant, Account Manager


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