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Edisto Federal Credit Union Finds Providing Reliable Service Easier

Edisto Federal Credit Union had an issue. Their on-site ATM, across the street from the state college, had begun malfunctioning on a regular basis. The faulty machine was becoming an issue for members and the credit union as it significantly reduced cash and account access after-hours. Getting it repaired was becoming a serious concern.

It was time to find another solution that would better serve their members while saving the staff time and stress.

That's where ATM USA came in. The company, which specializes in ATM Outsourcing and managed services took over the management of the ATM - replacing it with a brand-new Genmega GT5000, while rebranding the existing ATM surround for a fresh look.

“I don’t make quick decisions. But I do sometimes wish I had made the decision to work with ATM USA sooner.”

-Lee Williams, CEO

Edisto Federal Credit Union

Edisto FCU now has an operational ATM at their local branch. Staff members are relieved to

no longer have the stress and headache of managing the service, maintenance and day-to-day operations of the machine. Members are happy to have after-hours account access.

Download the case study to read more:


Lean How Partnering with ATM USA Can Benefit Your Financial Institution

Darren Smith, Vice President, ATM Management

Craig Helmers, Vice President, ATM Management


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