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First Florida Integrity Bank Finds the Right Solution with ATM Outsourcing

Updated: Sep 9

Case Study

First Florida Integrity Bank was facing a dilemma. With the Windows 10 ATM end-of-service looming, they had five off-premise machines that would be out of compliance. These older Diebold machines would require far more than a hardware and software upgrade. They needed to be completely replaced.

Managing the remote machines was difficult. But eliminating them from the bank’s portfolio was not an option as they were located at some of their biggest and best customers.

To solve their issue, the bank turned to a trusted partner – ATM USA.

The aging machines were replaced with brand new Genmega ATMs that are owned and operated by ATM USA on behalf of the bank.

“I don’t have to think about these ATMs anymore,” says Peter Setaro, CIO for First Florida Integrity Bank. “I know the ATMs are running smoothly - that they are being maintained and loaded with cash on a regular basis. And if an issue does arise, ATM USA will handle it – probably before we [the bank] even know about it.”

Download the Case Study below to find out more about the partnership between First Florida Integrity Bank and ATM USA.

First Florida Integrity Bank Case Study
Download PDF • 3.31MB

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