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Now offering sanitization solution for Genmega ATMs

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and financial institutions' needs to provide a safe and reassuring ATM user experience, ATM USA is now offering a unique solution that uses UV light to sanitize the machine's keypad.

Available on all Genmega model ATMs, VScan uses an array of UV-C lights without exposing users to the light, to sterilize the keypad - killing up to 99% of viruses and bacteria.

Ideal for high traffic locations and financial institution ATMs, 10 seconds after each transaction the keypad surface is automatically disinfected. It also protects users from moving parts via a torque-sensitive mechanism that stops and restarts the process if any interruption or blockage occurs.

To further reduce risk to users, software is available to allow users to conduct the entire transaction using only the keypad - eliminating the need to touch other buttons that are not automatically sanitized.

To see how VScan works, check out the video below:

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