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Podcast: What Credit Unions Need to Know about ATM Management Options

Originally published by CUInsight | July 3, 2023

In this episode of The CUInsight Network, Publisher & CEO Lauren Culp, interviews Craig Helmers, VP of ATM Management at ATM USA.

Craig and Lauren chat about:

  • How credit unions can approach ATM and ITM management with an ATM Outsourcing program.

  • Craig shares tips on how to prepare for PCI compliance changes and why it’s beneficial to have a go-to partner, especially when regulatory or technology requirements change.

  • Why SEG or workplace ATMs are under utilized and how credit unions can benefit from placing off-premise ATMs in these locations.

  • Creating a better member service experience and enhance marketing efforts with new AI-based technology like MiniBranch

Craig shares his passion for working with credit unions and how ATM USA's goals is to relieve credit unions of the hassle of operating ATMs and provide ATM solutions to create a better member experience. Listen as Craig shares new products and technology.

Connect with Craig: Craig Helmers, VP of ATM Management | (919) 534-3233 Direct


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