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WinSouth Credit Union Expands ATM Outsourcing Partnership with ATM USA

News Release

WinSouth Credit Union, a financial institution serving Northeast Alabama as far south as Birmingham, has expanded their partnership with ATM USA, a company specializing in full-service ATM outsourcing and operations, to place three new, fully managed ATMs at their newly acquired branch locations.

“It was great to know I could just call Craig and let him know the deadlines I had to meet, and he would take care of the ATMs,” said Nathan Clough, Director of Compliance and Training for WinSouth. “From past experience I knew they would take care of the site surveys, programming, wraps, and all of the other ATM peripherals.

“With one call I was able to check the ATMs off my list,” Clough says. “It was one less item I had to deal with.”

These additional locations come to WinSouth as part of their merger with another local institution, Landmark Credit Union. The merger brought with it three new branches along with their accompanying on-site ATMs. The new ATMs will bring the number of machines ATM USA managed for WinSouth to 11 with another ATM, at a pre-existing WinSouth branch, scheduled to be installed in October.

ATM USA’s outsourcing program with WinSouth Credit Union includes complete ATM management, cash supply and loading, 1st and 2nd line maintenance, updates, compliance and daily operations.

“From our side the relationship with WinSouth has been great,” said Craig Helmers, VP Credit Union Channel for ATM USA. “We are extremely grateful to be able to expand our partnership with these four additional locations and look forward to continuing to provide the credit union with the up times and service they have come to expect.”


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