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ATM USA’s Tony Mercer Completes ATMIA Academy Security 2.0 Training

Tony Mercer, co-chair of the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) US Independent ATM Deployer Committee and Director of Operations for ATM USA, had completed the ATMIA Academy’s stringent Security 2.0 training.

“ATM crime is steadily increasing worldwide,” said Mercer. “The U.S. is seeing upticks in physical attacks like explosions and ramming in addition to growing digital assaults like jackpotting and Man in the Middle.

“We are dedicated to keeping our partners and their account holders safe. Part of that is making sure our machines are secure. But we can’t do that without taking efforts to stay up to date on the latest security risks,” he said.

ATMIA’s Security Training covers a range of issues affecting the industry including PIN compromise, malware and black box attacks, authorization message manipulation, explosive attacks, physical attacks and much more.

“In today’s economy, ATMs, armored carriers, and other cash-heavy businesses are seen as vulnerable points by crime organizations and desperate people alike. While it’s always good to get a refresher course to stay one step ahead of bad actors, it is more important than ever right now,” Mercer notes.

Mercer looks forward to leveraging his new knowledge and insights to further ensure the safety of ATM USA’s ATMs and partner’s machines now and into the future.

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