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Should You Buy Your Own ATM or Choose a Turn-Key Option?

In today's competitive retail landscape, providing convenient services to customers is essential for success. One such service that has become a staple expectation for consumers is access to in-store ATMs. These cash dispensing machines not only provide consumers with easy access to cash, they also drive foot traffic and increase in-store spending.


However, for retailers, the decision to own and operate ATMs themselves comes with a multitude of challenges and responsibilities. Alternatively, choosing a turn-key ATM placement option offers a hassle-free solution that can alleviate many of these burdens.


Let's delve deeper into why a turn-key option might be the smarter choice for retailers. 

Meeting Customer Expectations

ATMs have evolved from being a mere convenience to a necessity for consumers. Statistics show that the average ATM completes a staggering 300 transactions per month. Moreover, regular ATM users visit these machines 8 to 10 times during that time, often resulting in around 20% of the withdrawn amount being spent within the store premises. By offering ATM services, retailers not only attract customers but also encourage additional spending - boosting revenue.


Challenges of Owning ATMs

While owning an ATM may seem like a straightforward endeavor, it entails far more than just purchasing the equipment. Beyond the initial cost, which can start as low as $2,400 for a reliable retail cash dispense machine, retailers must contend with a plethora of ongoing expenses and obligations.


These costs and requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Insurance to safeguard the machine against criminal attacks.

  • Ensuring compliance with ADA, EMV, PCI and multitude of standards to avoid legal liabilities.

  • Training staff to handle standard maintenance tasks such as loading cash, clearing paper and note jams, and addressing machine errors.

  • Maintaining a secure internet connection for transaction processing.

  • Partnering with an ATM processor to run the transactions.

  • Conducting regular maintenance to ensure optimal functionality.


If all of that wasn’t enough, it is also necessary to ensure adequate cash reserves are maintained to meet the demands of ATM users, further adding to the financial strain. Even if the business fills the machine from their own cash deposits, locations with heavy ATM use may need to make additional runs to the bank or partner with an armored carrier to bring in more cash.


The Benefits of Partnership

Partnering on ATM services with an independent deployers, like ATM USA, offers a viable alternative for retailers seeking to minimize operational complexities and reduce costs. These specialized partners are well-equipped to handle all aspects of ATM management, including equipment ownership, processing, cash management, insurance, compliance, and maintenance.


By partnering with ATM USA, retailers can eliminate upfront costs and ongoing operational headaches, allowing them to focus on their core business activities. Moreover, customers benefit from seamless support, with issues being promptly addressed by the partner, further enhancing overall satisfaction – and reducing staff headaches.


Making the Essential Choice

While owning an ATM can grant retailers control over the service, it also leads to a significant increase in responsibilities and costs. A turn-key ATM placement option, on the other hand, provides a streamlined solution that allows retailers to enjoy the benefits of having an ATM on-site without the associated complexities. By entrusting ATM management to a partner, retailers can provide essential services to customers while freeing up valuable time and resources to focus on driving business growth.


Discover how ATM USA can offer your retail business a better solution for your ATMs!

Brandon Tant, Account Manager



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